Gabriel Rocco

  Welcome to My Website

You will find information here about the variety of contemplative services I offer in the Philadelphia area, as well as the workshops, seminars, and retreats I lead nationally and internationally.

The navigation menu above will guide you to learn more about me and about the teachers, living contemplative traditions, professional peers, and writings that influence my work. I have a Master of Arts in Contemplative Psychotherapy, my on-going thirty years of study and practice of meditation inform the services I provide.

To the right, the navigation buttons will take you to information about those services, my schedule, and how you can meet or contact me for personal meditation instruction, guidance on how to integrate mind-body practices into your healing from cancer and other serious illness, mindfulness and awareness based stress management, and contemplative counseling to clear what blocks the natural well-being of body, energy, mind and spirit.

For information not provided on this website, or for questions about how I can be of help, please email me at:

Or leave a message for me at: 610-668-4140

And please come back for updates of my schedule and new features I hope to add to this website.